We want you to be a part of the next transformation of Paint Ontario.

Just like a work of art develops, you can watch of the transformation of Paint Ontario.

Video by Saby Siren Productions

Paint Ontario has gone through many changes since it was launched by Barry Richman in the old IGA building in 1998. The show has grown in size and prestige since its opening. In 2014, The Grand Bend Art Centre took the reins and added categories and awards that attracted serious collectors and over 100 talented artists. As the major fundraising effort for the Grand Bend Art Centre, Paint Ontario evolved to where over 200 amazing works of art were displayed and sold at the beautiful Lambton Heritage Museum.

It is time for Paint Ontario to transform again. We are changing venues. With $10,000 in building renovations to be completed at the Grand Bend Legion Hall, it will also be transformed. Watch as the facility becomes a sought after venue for weddings, gallery openings, music events, and so much more. With the use of inventive portable lighting and walls systems, the Grand Opening of Paint Ontario will be hosted at its new venue, the Grand Bend Legion, in 2024.

next… A New Home

What Paint Ontario will look like when complete is nothing short of breathtaking.

This project promises to be a game-changer for art enthusiasts across the region. With an innovative lighting system and flexible portable walls working in concert, art on display will truly shine like never before.

The new lighting system is designed to showcase artwork in the best possible light. Customized to meet the needs of each individual piece, the lighting will create a dynamic atmosphere that changes with each event. Visitors will see the art in high definition, revealing details and textures that would otherwise go unnoticed.

But that’s not all. The flexible portable walls are another key feature of this project. The fabric covered walls can be easily moved and reconfigured, allowing for a variety of exhibit layouts and mounting styles. This means that the space can be tailored to suit the needs of each event, creating a truly unique experience for visitors every time they step through the doors.

next… Building Community

Paint Ontario makes creativity happen.

Look what Paint Ontario brings to businesses, residents and the community.

The Grand Bend Art Centre’s major fundraiser is Paint Ontario. The Centre Board has proven success “inspiring creativity in the community” through sculpture, beach house murals, music programs for children and a pottery studio. Like these and other Art Centre events, we are determined to make this transformation a success.

For business, Paint Ontario welcomes approximately 2000 to 2500 people each year during the shoulder season – people who have lunch, dinner, stay over at a local hotels, have breakfast and shop.

To residents, Paint Ontario brings creativity, the likes of which is hard to find locally all in one place. 200 to 300 original pieces of art is exhibited by some of the most talented artists around – Artists who are competing for generous and coveted awards from this prestigious show – and what a place to take your friends and family. Paint Ontario is a visual stimulus that is stunning to experience right when you first walk in the doors, an almost tactile experience.

Paint Ontario facilitates the opportunity for patrons and artists to meet. Throughout the opening gala and the show there are events for mingling and conversation.

next… Collaborative Fundraising

This is a massive undertaking. We need the community’s support to raise just over $137,000.00

To meet our target for a May 2024 opening, we must raise the necessary funds, renovate the Legion, and purchase walls and lights.

Here is the breakdown:

Portable wall system – $61,632.29
Portable light system – $34,231.51
Legion interior renovations and upgrades – $10,000
Legion lighting upgraded – $11,256.40
Storage trailer for walls and lights -$20,000

The Grand Bend Art Centre will be submitting multiple grants in order to meet our target. We are pledging $10,000 from previous fundraising to start moving forward with the project.

Our community has been so supportive over the years. We are asking that you help us meet our goals. A significant portion of the total amount needs to be raised by October of this year in order for the project to move forward.

The Grand Bend Art Centre is a charitable organization and can issue receipts for the full amount of any donation to Paint Ontario over $20. If you would like to donate, there is a link in the top menu bar or you can click HERE.

next… A Bright Future

There is always change. We are ready.

We asked ourselves what would happen if we were forced to change venues once again. This was one of the factors in the decision to purchase portable lights and walls. However, we are also creating a modernized facility for the community to use. The renovations being done on the upper level of the Legion include permanent track bars for wall coverings, as well as fresh paint and new track lighting. The Legion plans to rent the space for large and small events throughout the year.

Paint Ontario setup will be portable and can be used wherever we call home. The lights can be moved to create an intimate atmosphere anywhere and provide the upscale visual impact expected of a high-end gallery. The portable wall system can be used in multiple configurations for dynamic shows each year. Eventually these two systems could also be available to rent.

What a TRANSFORMATION this will be.

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