$2000 First Prize “The Riverbank” by Carol Finkbeiner-Thomas

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$500 Second Prize “A Break in the River” by Jamie Jardine

$100 Honourable Mention “Sweat Lodge” by Red George

$100 Honourable Mention “Canola Sunset” by Astra Nams

$750 First Prize Faces of Ontario Portrait “The Lead Hand, Work and Leisure” by Jonathan Anderson

$250 Second Prize Faces of Ontario Portrait “Man in a Forest” by Eunice Sim

$100 Honourable Mention Faces of Ontario Portrait  “Self Portrait” by Anthony Jenkins

$250 Pachlarz Family Choice in honour of Bruno Pachlarz “Sue at the Helm” by Ed Roach

$250 Scatcherd Family Choice in honour of Dave Scatcherd and $250 Sponsor Choice in honour of Bruce G. Hiscott “Let Me Show You” by Eduard Gurevich

$250 Wildlife Choice sponsored by Hay Communications “AM At the Cattail Cafe” by Layne van Loo

$250 Oil or Acrylic Choice in honour Rosemarie Croswell “Summer at the Farm” by Michele Miller

$250 Watercolour Choice in honour of Tom Crossman “Free Parking” by Krista Beckett

$250 Waterscape Choice sponsored by Rotary “Racing the Storm” by Peter John Reid

$250 Sponsor Choice sponsored by Doug and Jane Hurst “Stalk Exchange” by Marion Anderson

$250 Sponsor Choice sponsored by Dr. Lindy and Dr. Bill Steel “Inner Glow” by Gwen Card

$250 Sponsor Choice in Memory of Tom McNaughton “Nasturtiums” by Eunice Sim

$250 Sponsor Choice sponsored by Randi and Cam Ivey “Springtime in Huron County”by William-Creighton

$250 Sponsor Choice sponsored by Jim Quenneville, Century 21 Grand Bend “Sun and Snow” by Vera Kisseleva

250 Calendar Cover Award “Golden Dawn’” by Bijan Ghalehpardaz

$750 Mayor’s Purchase Award “Red-tailed Release Salthaven” by Candy McManiman