Grand Prize of $2000 – Lin Souliere, from Lions Head, “Coastal Pebbles”, watercolour

2017 Grand Prize – Lin Souliere, from Lions Head, Coastal Pebbles, watercolour $2000





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Second Prize of $500- Annette Martin, from Aylmer, “Conflicted Results”, mixed media

Honourable Mention Award of $100 – Elizabeth Carr, from Zurich, “Three Spy Apples”, watercolour

Honourable Mention Award of $100 – John Arts, from Chatham, “Pale Twilight”, acrylic

Oil/acrylic in honour of Rosemarie Croswell Award of $250 – Denise Antaya, from Port Stanley, “Catching the Light”, oil

Wildlife Choice, Hay Communications of $250 – Susan Peck O’Brien, from Wroxeter, “Woodland Harold”, oil

Waterscape Choice, Rotary Club of Grand Bend of $250 – Chris Morton, from Owen Sound, “Huron’s Hue”, oil

Mayor’s Purchase Award of $750 – Michael O’Keefe from Grand Bend, “Canoe and Feather”, oil

Scatcherd Family Choice Award of $250 – Deri Russell, Elmwood, “Down on the Docks”, acrylic

Watercolour Choice Award of $250 – Jack Keefe, Sarnia “Creekside” watercolour

Farm Landscape Award of $250 – In honour of Bruce Hiscott, Marian R. Anderson from New Dundee, “Waterloo Country Farmscape” watercolour
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