Places of Ontario

We are thrilled to present our winners in the Places of Ontario category of Paint Ontario! Thanks to our judges Josy Britton and Andrew Meyer who gave every piece careful consideration and had difficult decisions to make, as the caliber of work in the show is exceptional.

Andrew Meyer, General Manager, Cultural Services Division The Corporation of the County of Lambton
Josy Britton, SCA CSPWC OSA Renowned local artist

Grand Prize: ‘Forest Light’ by John Lightfoot of Camlachie

$2000 Grand Bend Art Centre and Lamplighter Inn

“The masterful play of light in this painting immediately draws the viewer into the winter scene and invites us to explore the playful brushstrokes. The use of assorted and vibrant colours illuminate the work and bring the forest scene to life.” – Andrew Meyer

Second Prize: ‘The Birth of the Salmon’ by Jeff George of Port Franks

$500 Tourism Sarnia-Lambton

“The beautiful use of bright colours, lines and thoughtful composition in this work evoke movement and pull the eye of the viewer across the canvas and back again as we journey through the birth cycle of the salmon.” – Andrew Meyer

Honourable Mention: ‘Mennonite Landscape, Huron County’ by Roman Turczyn of Goderich

$100 Paddington’s Eatery Grand Bend

This work captures the quintessential rural Ontario scene with exceptional skill and use of colour. The familiar yellow-brick Victorian farmhouse and meadow are presented with jarring angles that, when combined with the dark foreboding sky and fluttering clothes on the line, create a sense of discomfort and anticipation. – Andrew Meyer

Honourable Mention: ‘Serenity Above Cypress’ by Peter Reid of Chatsworth

$100 Paddington’s Eatery Grand Bend

“The unique and striking aerial perspective of this painting demands attention, suspending the viewer above the breathtaking scene for a moment to admire the rocky shoreline below. The carefully selected palette of colours convincingly describe the landscape of the peninsula, and its varied depths of clear blue water.” – Andrew Meyer

Faces of Ontario

Presenting the winners in the Faces of Ontario portrait competition at Paint Ontario! Many thanks to our judge in this category, Garry Hamilton. There was such a diverse range of works in this category, each one exceptional in its own right, that the final decisions were difficult and very carefully considered. Here is a message from our judge:

“The overall quality of portrait paintngs submitted was quite high. I must admit this was not an easy show to judge. Too many excellent paintngs that had to be declined because of space considerations. I considered many elements in the selection. Originality, technical proficiency, composition, in fact all of the elements we have been taught to be aware of in picture making. And of course story telling and impact. Which paintngs speak to me? I did my best to put aside any bias towards one style or another and the result is a smorgasbord of efforts. As it should be from artists who each have their own unique voice.”

First Prize: ‘Half Submerged’ by Peter Adams of Collingwood

$750 The White Squirrel Golf Club

There is a sense of unity achieved by using a minimum pallette of colours and making the six negative shapes all different size triangles. The shapes are organic allowing the eye to flow through the painting. The mood is gentle and serene, and reflects the tenderness of the artist for the subject. – Garry Hamilton

Second Prize: ‘A Day in the Life of a Boy’ by Sherry Park of Brampton

$250 David Atkinson – Wood Gundy

At 29” X 37” this is a challenge to paint in watercolour without overworking it. It demands great skill. The dominant temperature of the painting is cool and so the red face paint pops out establishing the center of interest. There is a vertical direction on the left side created by the shadows leading us up to the figure and balloons. The balloons direct us to the ferris wheel which mimics the circular shape of the hat. Finally the triangles on the right keep our eye from sliding off the edge of the painting. Altogether a masterfully composed painting. – Garry Hamilton

Honourable Mention: ‘Everyone’s A Critic’ by Elaine Guitar-vanLoo of Cottam

$100  Robin Tiller Coldwell Banker Appleby Real Estate Brokerage

‘I loved the humour in both the title and the painting. A great example of story telling. The juxtaposition of the Little girl rendered monochromatically and photo realistically with the full chroma rendering of figures drawn by the child is striking and must touch everyone with a soul. It is rendered with skill, keen observation and empathy for the subject. Altogether a delightful painting.’ – Garry Hamilton

Mayor’s Award

$750 Municipality of Lambton Shores

‘Daydreaming’ by Sylvie Cermak was chosen by Mayor Bill Weber to become part of the municipality’s permanent collection.

Sponsor Choice Awards – $250

These awards are sponsored by community members and organizations who have a genuine love for art and wish to support its promotion and growth. The award recognizes a painting which, among all of the excellent works to choose from, speaks to the sponsor personally. Some of the awards are made in honour or memory of beloved family members. We are very grateful for these art patrons!