Places of Ontario Awards

Grand Prize – $2000 Colonial Hotel, Grand Bend Ontario

Second Prize – $500 Tourism Sarnia-Lambton

Honourable Mention Awards – Two recipients – $100 each Paddington’s Eatery Grand Bend

Sponsor Choice Award – $250 Peter and Teresa Phillips – In Honour of Rosemarie Cromwell

Sponsor Choice Award – $250 Agnes Quinn – In Honour of Bruce G. Hiscott

Pachlarz Family Choice – $250 Nette and Stan Pachlarz – In Honour of Bruno Pachlarz

Scatcherd Family Choice – $250 Valerie Scatcherd and Family – In Honour of Dave Scatcherd

Sponsor Choice Award – $250 Hay Communications

Oil /Acrylic Choice – $250 Lynda Crossman – In Honour or Tom Crossman

Sponsor Choice Award – $250 Lakeside Lawn & Property Maintenance

Waterscape Choice – $250 Rotary Club of Grand Bend

Sponsor Choice Award – $250 Doug and Jane Hurst

Sponsor Choice Award – $100 Dr. Lindy and Dr. Bill Steele

Sponsor Choice Award – $250  Dr. Deb McNaughton – in Memory of Tom McNaughton

Sponsor Choice Award – $250 Randi and Cam Ivey

Sponsor Choice Award – $250 Jim Quenneville, Century 21 Grand Bend

The Faces of Ontario Portrait Awards 

First Prize – $750 The White Squirrel Golf Club

Second Prize – $250 Grand Bend Art Centre

Honourable Mention – $100 Paddington’s Eatery Grand Bend

Mayor’s Purchase Award

The painting chosen will become a permanent piece in the Mayor’s collection. Regardless of the tag price of your entry, if the work is selected for the purchase award you will receive $750. Because this is a prestigious award, you may even decide to enter a piece of greater value in order to have your work included in this permanent collection.