$2000 First Prize “Pine Tree” Acrylic by R. Jean Taylor

$500 Second Prize “Smiley Farm” Acrylic by A Nams

$100 Honourable Mention “Golden Evening” Pastel by Grace Croughan

$100 Honourable Mention “Pink Skies at Night” Soft pastel by Elizabeth Van den Broeck

$750 Faces of Ontario Portrait First Prize “Regrets…I Have a Few” Acrylic by Frank DeBlock

$250 Faces of Ontario Portrait Second Prize “Model on Pose” Oil by Eunice Sim

$100 Faces of Ontario Portrait Honourable Mention “Ol’ Man Winter” Pastel by Dawn Anderson Vaughan

$250 Pachlarz Family Choice in honour of Bruno Pachlarz “A day in the Life of a Harley Man” Acrylic by Wendy Carmichael Bauld

$250 Best Local Scene, Any Medium sponsored by Doug and Jane Hurst “10 O’Clock” Acrylic by Wayne Gascho

$250 Waterscape Choice sponsored by Rotary “The Majestic Niagara” Acrylic by Ron Pearce

$250 Wildlife Choice sponsored by Hay Communications “A Gaggle of Drifters” Acrylic by Ron Pearce

$250 Scatcherd Family Choice in honour of Dave Scatcherd “Lake Huron Breezes” Acrylic by Carolyn Sharp

$250 Oil or Acrylic Award in honour Rosemarie Croswell “Hide and Seek” Oil by Nick Hall

$250 Watercolour in honour of Tom Crossman “A Full Bodied Red” Watercolour by Marion R Anderson

$250 Farm Landscape in honour of Bruce G. Hiscott by Agnes Quinn “Summer Storm, Huron County” Watercolour by Roman Turczyn

$750 Mayor’s Award “Morning Glory” Acrylic by Kristina Maus