Demonstrations provide you an opportunity to witness the creative process first hand. Featuring a fantastic group of artists throughout our 2024 show on the grounds around the Legion. Come more than once to see a variety of talented artists.

Art Centre Shoppe

This year our host gallery will be located across the parking lot at the Grand Bend Art Centre. There you will find not only host paintings, but art from demonstrators, Art Centre volunteers and those associated with the Centre.

Shoppe hours are the same as the show
Sunday to Monday, 10 am to 5 pm and Friday and Saturday, 10 am to 7 pm

May 4th – Jen Noakes, Glass Artist, 1 to 4 pm. more info on Jen
May 4th – Marion Anderson, Painter, 1 to 4 p.m. more info on Marion
May 4th – Denise Antaya, Painter, 1 to 4 p.m. more info on Denise
May 5th – Layne van Loo and Elaine Guitar-van Loo, 1 to 4 p.m. more info on the van Loos
May 5th – Jim Dawe, 1 to 4 p.m. more info on Jim
May 11th – Virtual Reality Demonstration by Josie, 5 to 7 p.m. more info on event
May 11th – Candice Jeromkin, Paint Flies at 1 p.m. more info on event
May 11th – Virtual Reality Demonstration by Josie, 1 – 4 p.m. more info on event
May 11th – Kristyn Watterworth, 12 to 4p.m. more info
May 16th – Janice Mason, Artist and Author, 1 to 4 p.m. CANCELLED
May 18th – Janice Cuckovic, Ukrainian egg writing, 1 to 4 p.m. more info on Janice

Jen Noakes

Jen has spent her life exploring various facets of the arts and embraces them as part of who she is. As a youth she spent much of her time playing musical instruments and learning traditional crafts from her grandparents (and anyone else who would teach her). From the time she was a young adult she has travelled to dance throughout the United States and Canada with Forest City Morris and Sword, and also sings in the Wassail! choir, focusing on traditional Christmas songs from over a century ago. She dabbled in photography before learning how to make stained glass, which led her to attend Sheridan College for their Craft and Design program. There, she fell in love with glass and ceramics, in their many forms, and specialized her studies in flameworked and kiln cast glass. 

She has since worked with and learned from various glass and ceramic artists, suppliers and teachers. Her own studio was recently established at her home, where she can often be found for long hours at a time.  

Jen is passionate and enthusiastic about spreading the joy of the arts, and as such she is a past volunteer for Glass Art Association of Canada, past representative of Fusion: the Ontario Clay and Glass association, as well as the London Stained Glass Guild. After Jen moved to the South Huron region, she was invited to be a part of Art aRound Town, of which she is a current member. 

She is excited to be a part of the South Huron Arts Centre as she truly believes in bringing community together through the arts.

Jen V Glass Design

Marion Anderson

Originally from Kent County, Marion Anderson now makes her home and studio in New Dundee. She studied Visual Arts at Windsor University later completing a Masters of Education at University Western Ontario, London.

Her diverse portfolio shows expertise in a wide range of mediums including clay sculpture, watercolour, acrylic and oil painting as well as the ease with which she moves from florals to landscapes in subject matter. This fluidity is due to the artist’s thirty plus years as a Visual Arts teacher/department head.

Anderson’s unique mixed media technique is constantly evolving over time. She works in series, completing a suite of paintings to express a concept or idea. Heavily textured, each piece is rendered in a limited palette, suggesting a unique visual experience for the viewer’s interpretation. One exploration simply leads to another!

Janice Mason Steeves

Bloom: On Becoming An Artist Later in Life

138 artists between the ages of 59 and 79, responded to a questionnaire about their journey to art: the challenges, the benefits and the lessons learned. The result is an inspirational book for people wanting to connect with their creative souls, no matter their age or the medium in which they choose to express themselves.

Janice Mason Steeves is represented by galleries in Canada, with work in public, corporate, and private collections in Canada and internationally. As well as an active one-on-one Art Mentoring program, Janice teaches painting workshops in Canada, the U.S., and Europe through a program she’s developed called Workshops in Wild Places. She has also been awarded artist residencies in Spain, Ireland, Sweden, Iceland and Wyoming, USA.

Janice Cuckovic

Janice Cuckovic is a retired educator who spent her career in Windsor Ontario where she and her husband Petar, also an educator, raised their two daughters. Upon retirement they moved to Port Franks where Janice has immersed herself in the creative community. Janice learned the art of creating pysanky – traditional Ukrainian eggs –  in her teens, and has taken it up again in earnest over the last two years leading workshops and donating dozens of her creations to help raise funds for Ukraine. She honours her Ukrainian grandparents who emigrated to Canada from the small village of Sosnitza and is very grateful for the opportunity to share this tradition. Writing eggs using the traditional method requires patience and skill, but the results are stunning!

Denise Antaya

Denise is an award-winning plein air landscape painter and recently a finalist in Makeful TV’s “Landscape Artist of the Year Canada” television series. She is a previous award winner at Paint Ontario.
Denise Antaya was born in Windsor, Ontario in 1959. She has been an artist for as long as she can remember. She had her first serious art show when she was 14 and hasn’t stopped painting since. After a 31 year career in Advertising Denise decided it was time to focus on painting landscapes full time. She attended the Academy of Realist Art in Toronto for 3 years and attended various Plein Air workshops.
The everyday themes in Denise Antaya’s oil paintings combine her love of nature and her fascination with light and how it transforms an often overlooked scene. With her fearless approach to composition, Denise pushes Realism to just the right balance of detail and poetry. Her subjects range from season to season but almost always represent the natural environment untouched by man. She has the ability to capture a moment, and even transport one back to a quieter, simpler time.
She has many influences, from the Hudson River School Painters to modern day masters such as Marc Hanson, Joseph McGurl and Donald Jurney. Rural scenes, that are wild, overgrown and serene are her subjects.
ArtMuse judge Colin Page’s comment on “The Hideaway”: “Landscapes are challenging to paint, and even more difficult when this level of detail is involved. The artist does a great job of using a warm palette to unify a complicated and busy scene. These warm colours give the image a glowing effect. I’m also enjoying the variety of edges and looseness of touch, even at this level of rendering the brush seems to play on the canvas.”
With over 40 exhibitions across Canada and the United States, her paintings have earned 10 awards, and for the second year in a row two of Denise’s paintings were finalists in the ARC (Art Renewal Centre) Salon Competition. She was awarded best landscape in the 12th Annual IGOR Competition (International Guild of Realism). In 2017 she earned an ARC Associate Living Master designation and is working towards her Living Master designation.

Layne van Loo and Elaine Guitar-van Loo

Elaine and Layne discovered Paint Ontario in 2018 as exhibitors and were so impressed with the entire experience that they have returned every year since as both exhibitors and demonstrators. Among other accolades won at Paint Ontario, Layne’s acrylic won 2019’s Wildlife Choice Award and Elaine won First Place in our portrait category another year. We are so honoured to have these two artists as an integral part of our show year after year. They both impress gallery audiences with their demonstrations. To learn more about the work of these two talented artists:

View Elaine’s portfolio here.

View Layne’s portfolio here.

Jim Dawe

As a child growing up and living along the shores of the Great Lakes, I spent many hours beach-combing driftwood and rocks looking at the beauty in each piece. Later in life becoming a metal worker allowed me to bring these all together to create one of a kind pieces of art. There is beauty in nature and sometimes it just needs to be put together.

I like to create mixed media art that doesn’t place restrictions on you. There is something about wood and steel that seems to lend them a kind of soul.

Virtual Reality Demonstration by Josie

Step into a world where creativity knows no bounds with our Virtual
Reality headset youth project! Imagine a dynamic event where young
artists harness the power of VR to bring their visions to life in an
immersive digital space. At this unique gathering, participants will
curate galleries of their digital artwork, which will be showcased
alongside a stunning collection of over 200 traditional paintings.

Be part of the action as youth artists delve into the virtual realm,
creating mesmerizing pieces in real-time that will be casted for the
audience to witness. Watch as their digital brushstrokes come to life
before your eyes, blurring the lines between imagination and reality.

But the experience doesn’t end there. Attendees will have the
opportunity to step into the artist’s shoes by donning a VR headset
themselves. Guided through a 10-minute immersive journey, they will
explore a world crafted by these young talents, gaining a firsthand
glimpse into the boundless possibilities of virtual artistry.

Join us for a spectacular event where innovation meets tradition, and
where the youth of today redefine creativity in the digital age. It’s a
celebration of art, technology, and the limitless potential of young
minds. Dare to dream, dare to create, and dare to experience the magic
of VR like never before.

Have you spotted the vibrant rainbow car driving around town? Local artist Candice Jeromkin is bringing more colour to the community with her new Nissan Juke, “Electric Sunshine,” following the retirement of her previous creation, “Stardust.” Collaborating with a group of talented artists, including the renowned Kristyn Watterworth, Candice will showcase her spray painting skills on her new ride at this year’s Paint Ontario event. Witness the magic as these artists bring “Electric Sunshine” to life in real time with a live demonstration of colourful creativity.

Kristyn Watterworth

Experience the magic of transformation through art at the Paint Ontario Show and sale’s Family weekend celebration! Kristyn’s captivating work will transport you to a world of vibrant colours and form, where ordinary spaces are turned into extraordinary works of art.

Witness Kristyn’s live performance at the Grand Bend Legion on May 12,  12pm to 4 Come and immerse yourself in her unique style and attention to detail. Don’t miss this opportunity to be amazed and inspired by the transformative power of art. Join us at Paint Ontario and let your imagination soar!

“I am a painter who works to bring a little more brightness into each passing day. I’ve been painting diligently from the age of 12 and obtained my BFA from York University. I love traveling as it allows me to gather inspiration for my paintings. I have taught hundreds of students in my former studio in Bayfield which gave me thousands of ideas about how to do things differently. With all of the different challenges students brought to paint, there was constant new learning and discoveries that were made. That is why I love mixing up styles, genres and subject matter. There are so many ways to make things come alive and i love to explore so many of them. Currently I am trying to focus on my animals, abstract series, and a bit of Virtual Reality thrown in.                                                                                 

See my newest works and see what I’m up to on my Instagram “