Paint Ontario – Create What You Love!

What inspires your very best work? Is it still life, people and figures, wildlife, landscape, florals and gardens, urban or rural scenes, boats, mountains or waterscapes? Or something else entirely?

Our 25th Anniversary Show was a wonderful conclusion to our first quarter century and now we are reimagining Paint Ontario 2022 as we move into the future in a newly renovated venue. Gone are the separate categories and instead we have broadened the scope of artwork we will accept.

Paint Ontario invites work for jurying to include any work created by artists from Ontario and around the world. We’re looking for a broader range of pieces and will no longer be requiring the subject to be specific to Ontario. That said, we will be keeping to Canadian subjects (i.e. no palm trees or tigers).

We are looking for works in oil, watercolour, pastel, acrylic, pencil, charcoal, mixed media, and encaustic. Sculptures may be metal, wood, glass, clay, stone and mixed media.

The heart of the show remains representational yet this has a broad definition. We choose to use the most encompassing definition to provide a variety of work for purchase and help to include more artists.

Abstracts, fantasy, science fiction, pet portraits, furniture, photography, computer art or textile art are excluded from consideration for this show.

We awarded over $13,000 in prizes in 2022 and made just shy of $100,000 in sales. We anticipate similar success in 2024! Awards are restructured to reflect our show’s theme.

Be aware of changes BEFORE you enter!

Please Note: We have rescinded the changed requirement for artwork to be in ‘even numbered’ dimensions.

We have many artists who have been with us for years so we want to make sure that everyone knows some things have changed in our terms and conditions. Below are some of the most important; however, artists should be sure to read all of our terms and conditions before entering work!

  • All work must be digitally uploaded with the completed online entry form – no physical drop off of work for jurying
  • Frames must be one of a list of accepted colours
  • Unframed canvas must be gallery depth of 1.5″
  • Work must be properly wired
  • Requirement for the work to be hung upon receipt (i.e. must comply with terms and conditions upon physical arrival and meet the expectations and standards of the show)

Please refer to our Terms and Conditions to find more details regarding the above changes and specifics regarding size, pricing, commission etc.