Artist demonstrations have always provided show attendees with the opportunity to witness the creative process at a safe social distance. We will be featuring a fantastic group of artists throughout our 2021 show, and many demonstrations will include interactive – and safe – activities to engage spectators, especially kids! Artists will be outside on the back grounds of the museum and, after viewing the Paint Ontario gallery, patrons will be free to wander outside and take in the demonstrations. Many people are not aware of the great collection of historical buildings which have been integrated into the museum grounds. They are fascinating and full of artifacts! You can also enjoy the forested trails and take a break at the covered picnic pavilion. Plan to spend some time outside and enjoy these attractions – all included in your entrance fee!

Saturday September 4 Demonstrating 1-4pm

Layne VanLoo and Elaine Guitar-VanLoo

Elaine and Layne discovered Paint Ontario in 2018 as exhibitors and were so impressed with the entire experience that they have returned every year since as both exhibitors and demonstrators. Layne’s acrylic won 2019’s Wildlife Choice Award and last year Elaine won Honourable Mention in our Faces portrait category. Not only have they both impressed gallery audiences with their demonstrations, Elaine has donated her finished paintings to be raffled off (raffle tickets were free with every gallery admittance). Thank-you Elaine! You can visit Layne and Elaine at their website to learn more about the work of these two talented artists: Kingfisher Studio

Be sure to visit the link at the bottom of this page to see the online demonstrations these two wonderful artists created.


Due to unforseen circumstances, Astra will not be available to do this demonstration. Our apologies to her many fans.

Astra has participated in solo and group shows as well as plein air events – winning multiple awards along the way. Her medium is acrylic on canvas and her signature work uses bright, bold colours translating the landscape into shapes.

Winner of Paint Ontario awards in 2018, 2019 and 2020.

Astra is another of our pioneering artists who took on the challenge of creating an online demonstration for Paint Ontario, be sure to view her video by visiting the link at the bottom of this page.

Suzette Terry

Suzette Terry has been active in the South Central Ontario art scene since graduating from the University of Guelph in 1990 with an Honours Degree in Fine Art and Business. She now resides in beautiful Meaford. Suzette is an integral part of the Paint Ontario team, helping in many capacities to bring the show to fruition. As such, she cannot enter the competition, but her work can be viewed in the show’s Host Gallery. Her subjects range from the human figure to vibrant abstract pursuits.  Her mediums follow suit, ranging from paintings in both oil and acrylic, to printmaking and animated mixed media collages.  It is this shifting of gears from one medium to the next that spurs Suzette to new and innovative discoveries in both technique and content. Her demonstrations are always lots of fun to watch! Another one of our artists who created an online demonstration – be sure to check it out at the link at the bottom of this page. Visit her on Facebook:

Sunday September 5 Demonstrating 1-4pm

Francis Martin

Francis Martin is a French Canadian artist residing in Watford, Ontario. Francis’ portfolio includes commissioned fine art pieces that can be found world wide, as well as numerous private and community murals, including many heritage murals in the Lambton and Middlesex areas. In 2013, Francis opened The Art Shop in downtown Watford where he has brought more arts and culture to his community. Located within the shop is a small local art gallery, as well as a community art centre which offers numerous free or low cost artistic events.

A recent passion (and profession) is tattooing and Francis will be demonstrating his skill on latex canvases!

Chris Cape

Painting and instructing out of Guelph, Ontario, Christopher Cape’s work rests upon the longstanding foundation of Canadian landscape painting. Venturing out into the field to collect data, En Plein Air, his interest lies in dissolving the boundaries between our environment and us.  Visually exploring the world of subjects and objects, primarily in oil, he works with bold brush strokes extrapolating the key elements of a constantly changing world.

Chris is a past award winner at Paint Ontario.

Visit his website for a wealth of information:

Chris Cape is an inspiring artist who accepted the challenge of producing an online demonstration which is so interesting to watch, be sure to view it by visiting the link provided at the bottom of this page!

Bijan Ghalepardaz

Artist Bijan Ghalepardaz (of Bijan Art in London) has exhibited in several past Paint Ontario Shows. He is pictured here with his three very unique works from our 2020 show. They are painted on many layers of acrylic resins, giving the illusion of three dimensions. Really no photo can do them justice! Bijan is a true pioneer with this technique.

We were sure he would have something new and exciting to share this year and we were right! Bijan will be doing a demo on carving acrylic with the Dremel power tool. He has prepared a few panels and will provide all the necessary tools so that participants can join in the demo. The concept behind Bijan’s unique technique started a few years ago when he had his son laying down several layers of acrylic paint on panels. He then thought about utilizing these panels for a group show. After many trials and errors, he found his favourite tool to carve through such a tough surface. A Dremel rotary tool enabled him to get the result he was hoping for. The process of creating one of these unique paintings might take several months. In this technique Bijan uses layers of high quality acrylic paint (50-70) layers per piece. Every layer must be bone dry so that the maximum result can be achieved. Then the fun part – which is carving – begins. Bijan often works en plein air using his portable generator and required tools such as safety glasses, mask and ear plugs. Bijan in his reductionist approach enjoys the interplay of chance and control, cautious precision and the unpredictability of his results. 

Thursday September 9 Demonstrating 4-7pm

Martina Bruggeman

Martina is an artist creating contemporary images in acrylic on large format gallery wrapped canvas. Her focus is for the viewer to experience a balance of energy and tranquility. Martina was born and raised in South-Western Ontario. She is located in Grand Bend where she works full time as a studio painter. Martina decided in 2007 that becoming a painter was a passion she could no longer ignore. She taught herself to paint through dedicated practice. In the beginning she worked from photographs, but has now moved towards working intuitively and from memory which allows her to focus on creating an image that will convey her love of simplicity and evoke a sense of calm to the viewer. Her subject matter is predominately the Great Lakes. Inspired by the never-ending motion of blues, greens and greys, these elements along with nostalgia give her what she needs to translate her intention.

Saturday September 11 Demonstrating 1-4pm

Marion Anderson

Originally from Kent County, Marion Anderson now makes her home and studio in New Dundee. She studied Visual Arts at Windsor University later completing a Masters of Education at University Western Ontario, London.

Her diverse portfolio shows expertise in a wide range of mediums including clay sculpture, watercolour, acrylic and oil painting as well as the ease with which she moves from florals to landscapes in subject matter. This fluidity is due to the artist’s thirty plus years as a Visual Arts teacher/department head.

Anderson’s unique mixed media technique is constantly evolving over time. She works in series, completing a suite of paintings to express a concept or idea. Heavily textured, each piece is rendered in a limited palette, suggesting a unique visual experience for the viewer’s interpretation. One exploration simply leads to another!

Moumita Roychowdhury

I am an artist born in India, now based in Waterloo, Ontario. I have always been drawn to art from a very young age but have discovered my passion for painting professionally in the last few years. Currently I am actively pursuing my artistic endeavours in the Kitchener Waterloo region and beyond through various exhibitions, events, public art installations and teaching. Nature plays the lead role in my work – captured through the sublime transparency of watercolours or the vibrant boldness of acrylics or the soft subtleness of pastels. I like to take inspiration from the colours and moods of nature which changes like the myriad shades of human emotions. I endeavor to capture the beauty and simplicity of nature, moments and emotions in bold rich colours and transform them into something evocative, atmospheric and moody through my intuitive mark making. At the Paint Ontario Art Competition, Exhibition & Sale, I will be doing a demonstration of my pen and watercolour drawings by capturing various subjects and making them uniquely fun & colourful.


Instagram @ moumita.dg

Sunday September 12 Demonstrating 1-4pm

‘Wood on the Walls’ Chainsaw Carving

Local artists who create beautiful pieces from wood, the Newton brothers provide a variety of services to anyone looking for some custom wood interior or exterior one of a kind work. The brothers, who live in Port Franks, will wield their chainsaws outdoors at the museum and it promises to be a really exciting demonstration!

Thursday September 16 Demonstrating 4-7pm

Barbara McLeod

Barbara McLeod is a representational artist, working in the media of traditional oils and watercolour, painting both in Plein Air and in the studio.  Her interests lie primarily in landscape, heritage structures and street scenes.  She is drawn to capturing the light in her works.    

To compose a painting, she spends much time doing field studies of the subject matter, first developing sketches on location to acquire the knowledge of the directional lighting of the day and the interplay of shadows, noting other detailed information about the elements of the subject.  If weather permits, a painting will be done on site, otherwise it is continued in the studio based on the knowledge gained on location.  She strives to reflect the mood and emotion initially felt with the inspiration to do the painting.

As a member of Central Ontario Art Association, Barbara has gained knowledge from numerous professional artists over time and feels that these artists have been instrumental in her development as an artist.

Saturday September 18 Demonstrating 1-4pm

Denise Antaya

Denise is an award-winning plein air landscape painter and recently a finalist in Makeful TV’s “Landscape Artist of the Year Canada” television series.  She is a previous award winner at Paint Ontario.

Denise Antaya was born in Windsor, Ontario in 1959. She has been an artist for as long as she can remember. She had her first serious art show when she was 14 and hasn’t stopped painting since. After a 31 year career in Advertising Denise decided it was time to focus on painting landscapes full time. She attended the Academy of Realist Art in Toronto for 3 years and attended various Plein Air workshops.

The everyday themes in Denise Antaya’s oil paintings combine her love of nature and her fascination with light and how it transforms an often overlooked scene. With her fearless approach to composition, Denise pushes Realism to just the right balance of detail and poetry. Her subjects range from season to season but almost always represent the natural environment untouched by man. She has the ability to capture a moment, and even transport one back to a quieter, simpler time.

She has many influences, from the Hudson River School Painters to modern day masters such as Marc Hanson, Joseph McGurl and Donald Jurney. Rural scenes, that are wild, overgrown and serene are her subjects.

ArtMuse judge Colin Page’s comment on “The Hideaway”: “Landscapes are challenging to paint, and even more difficult when this level of detail is involved. The artist does a great job of using a warm palette to unify a complicated and busy scene. These warm colours give the image a glowing effect. I’m also enjoying the variety of edges and looseness of touch, even at this level of rendering the brush seems to play on the canvas.”

With over 40 exhibitions across Canada and the United States, her paintings have earned 10 awards, and for the second year in a row two of Denise’s paintings were finalists in the ARC (Art Renewal Centre) Salon Competition. She was awarded best landscape in the 12th Annual IGOR Competition (International Guild of Realism). In 2017 she earned an ARC Associate Living Master designation and is working towards her Living Master designation.

Jamie Jardine

A renowned landscape painter, Jamie has been painting and exhibiting his work in London and surrounding areas for 20 years. He has worked mainly on landscapes but more recently has made a shift to abstraction and minimalism. Jamie studied Fine Art at Fanshawe College from 1996-2000 and is currently a private visual arts teacher as well as a working artist. Throughout his career, Jardine has exhibited works at galleries in Toronto and London, as well as Westland Gallery. He is a Second Place winner at Paint Ontario.

Lately, Jamie has been concentrating on process and materials rather than traditional methods. His new work is quite removed from his previous and expresses a range of emotions, from joy and calmness to anger and frustration.

We are so pleased to welcome him as a member of Paint Ontario’s production team for 2021!

Sunday September 19 Demonstrating 1-4pm

Beth Turnbull Morrish

Potter extraordinaire, Beth Turnbull Morrish produces ‘functional ware with flare’!

A maker of artifacts. Her functional tableware documents the cuisines and customs of my own culture. She create wares that are designed for specific foods, and often embellish the surface with text about ingredients, recipes and cultural traditions. She commemorates how foods and traditions from diverse backgrounds come together and complement one another.

Mealtime brings people together to celebrate our similarities and differences. Beth strives to honour these dining experiences with attention to detail and exquisite craftsmanship.

Her influences include but are certainly not limited to: expressive typography, print design and advertising, etymology, almost everything to do with food, from raw ingredients and recipes to menus and cookbooks, as well as function and industrial design of utilitarian objects.

Paul Abeleira

Paul does paint from ‘life’ and uses oil paint almost exclusively, as a lasting and flexible medium. His paintings are poignant and beautiful – whether it is a female portrait study, a bowl of glistening fruit, or a shiny, familiar can of Coke, all are executed with care and skill.  “I am a sucker for anything with shine – metal, glass, water.  It’s difficult to make something shiny come to life, and I love that challenge.”  He now teaches other painters, and follows the same passion. “It’s rewarding,” says Paul, “to help people over their struggle to get a certain effect, like a reflection on water, so that it will really glisten.”  Paul has worked hard for years to master techniques and is happy to share his secrets with his students so that they can find success too. There is nothing average about Paul Abeleira – anyone who can marry cooking and painting together so seamlessly, and with such fun and passion, deserves a second glance. The name of his website says it all – ‘’.

Thursday September 23 Demonstrating 4-7pm

Ralf Wall

Ralf Wall (aka Raflar)

I have always pursued artistic expression my whole life. As a young child drawing animals and fantastic beasts to learning to play the piano. Eventually this formalized in college learning both commercial and fine arts. I have balanced this throughout my career being both a graphic designer as well as a painter, muralist and instructor of the arts. Most of my time is currently spent at the Homer Watson House & Gallery, promoting the legacy of this beloved Canadian Landscape Artist, instructing there and managing all graphical marketing content. I spend the rest of my time painting in the great outdoors, participating in art festivals and even leading an art safari to Kenya. Art is my life and I strive to bring life to my art. Website: Facebook: Instagram: @Raflar_The_Artist

Jeffrey ‘Red’ George

“My work reflects my culture and its blessings, along with its inner pains and suffering. My journey through life has led me to my native culture and traditions and the place where I am honoured to share my heart and soul through my artistic gifts of painting and my music with the Native Flute.” Jeffrey is an internationally renowned artist whose work hangs in many private homes and public galleries throughout North America and the world. His environmental activities with the Port Franks Optimists gained him a Good Neighbour award in 2019.

Ma-Mi-No-ga-boo:He who stands with the light of the Creator.

Live Music Sunday Afternoons – various artists

Local musician Tom Taylor has been bringing joy and music to Grand Bend and area for many years, and his “Tommy T’s Travelling Road Show” has been popping up on porches around the community bringing much appreciated entertainment to all during the pandemic! Tom Taylor is a Guitarist, Bandleader, Banjoist, and Vocalist with many years of music and entertainment to his credit. He will be providing live music outside every Sunday of the show’s run – joined by friends – there’ll be everything from dixieland to pops.

Click here to view all of our online artist demonstrations!