A juried competition for representational art seeks paintings that depict the diversity of the Ontario landscape, architecture, flora and fauna, waterscapes, and urbanscapes. We’re looking for scenes, including still life and objects, which depict life in Ontario. In its simplest definition, ‘representational’ means that the subject of the work is recognizable; (by ‘recognizable’ we mean that if the subject is a waterfall, garden, bowl of fruit or farmyard the viewer must be able to recognize it as such – purely abstract works will not be considered).  It is not required that the exact site in Ontario is recognized.

We choose to use the most encompassing definition of the representational style to provide a variety of work for purchase and help to include more artists, leaving a great range for artistic interpretation. Our goal is always to offer works for sale that range from realism through traditional representational to impressionism. Patrons who have purchased art have often positively commented on the show’s more modern representational style.

We are looking for works in different mediums: oil, acrylic, watercolour, ink, pencil, pastel, encaustic and mixed media are all welcome. We seek to create a show with a wide variety of works for patrons to view and have had some very unique pieces in the show, for example: acrylic on art resin, oil on carved wood, and dye on silk. We will not accept furniture. photography, computer art or textile art.

The minimum size (including frame) is 8″x10″. The largest can be a total of 2300 square inches (e.g. 48″x48″ or 23″x100″). Please be advised that we take into consideration the presentation of the entire show and are working with a set amount of wall space. Submitting three very large pieces will most likely mean that not all three will be accepted.

All work must be for sale. The minimum is $200 and the maximum price for a painting is $4,500. Your painting may not be accepted based on price point related to size or saleability. All Paint Ontario fees and commission apply.

All artwork and reference material, including photographs, must be the original work of the artist and may be requested by jurors. Reference materials gleaned from the internet or from another person’s work (i.e. a photograph) – even with the permission of its creator – fall outside the rules of acceptance. When received, the artwork must match the digital image submitted for jurying in terms of expectations and standards for the show.

Please take time to view the examples of work from previous shows in the gallery below. You can also view past winners by following the links found in the menu.

Before entering, be sure to read and understand our Terms and Conditions.

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