The Places and Faces of Ontario

Paint Ontario is an art show and sale featuring original paintings that bring to life the beauty, character and diversity of Ontario – our home. The art depicts our life in Ontario – the people, landscape, architecture, flora and fauna, waterscapes, and urbanscapes. 

Jurying is partly done on the basis of saleable qualities such as the subject matter, matting and framing. Paint Ontario relies on sales to be successful and most artists agree that one of the best compliments is the sale of a painting. See Paint Ontario Framework – Jurying to Awards.

Paintings that will sell at this show are paintings that appeal to many types of people. Add your own unique touch and flair, and at the same time think about submitting a piece that anyone would love.   (See the gallery below)

Keep in mind to set a price that anyone can afford. Keeping your price reasonable will open you up to a larger group of buyers.

Any or all mediums of paint, pencil, pastel, mixed or encaustic (but not photography) can be used.

The Places of Ontario

A juried competition for representational art seeks paintings that depict the diversity of the Ontario landscape, architecture, flora and fauna, waterscapes, and urbanscapes. In its simplest definition, ‘representational’ means that the subject of the work is recognizable; (by ‘recognizable’ we mean that if the subject is a waterfall or garden or farmyard the viewer must be able to recognize it as such – purely abstract works will not be considered).  It is not required that the exact site in Ontario is recognized.

We choose to use the most encompassing definition to provide a variety of work for purchase and help to include more artists, leaving a great range for artistic interpretation. Our goal is always to offer works for sale that range from realism through traditional representational to impressionism. Patrons who have purchased art have often positively commented on the show’s more modern representational style. Please be sure to view the examples of work from last year’s show further down on this page.

The Faces of Ontario

The Faces of Ontario showcases juried portrait style paintings that realistically depict people. Portraits can be head and shoulders, three quarter length or full length. Technique and expression are important.

Portraits may include either one or two people. The focus is on the face; however, the setting and overall painting could be a real asset if they are within the theme of Paint Ontario.

Now in its third year this portrait category is a great addition to the show. For more information visit this page if you are entering the Faces of Ontario category.

Examples – the Places of Ontario


Examples – the Faces of Ontario