Online Entry for 2021 is Now Closed
2022 Paint Ontario will be reimagined in our newly renovated venue. We are in the process of updating the terms and conditions below to reflect our new theme.

Paint Ontario 2021 was a significant success in the middle of a Pandemic – many talented artists submitted paintings to the show and sale. Despite the restrictions, the show was well attended. Everyone was amazed and delighted with the beauty of the art that you, our artists, created.

There is an addition to Item 5 in 2021

This page is the entry portal to enter Paint Ontario. We would like you to read these pages before completing the entry form. At the bottom of this page is a link to How to Complete the Entry Form. At the bottom of that page are links to the entry form.

For large screen devices the right sidebar has links that are a convenient way to get to topics that are covered on this and related pages. Please read the whole page before using one of these links.

 The show will run during regular museum hours up. With over $12,000 in prizes and sales of more than $100,000, This is the show to enter!

Paint Ontario is an opportunity to sell both your artwork and yourself as an artist. Visitors to Paint Ontario come from all over South-Western Ontario. Many of our artists have gone on to do commission and referred work based on their Paint Ontario showings at the Lambton Heritage Museum. Don’t forget to send us an Artist Bio – see below.

You can find more information about what we are looking for at this link.
You can find out how we jury and award at this link.

Terms and Conditions for Entry.

  1. All entry forms to the show are completed onlineContact us if this is not possible. You may enter up to 3 pieces. Depending on the category there are options to submit by digital image upload or directly to the museum.
  2. Media can be oil, watercolour, pastel, acrylic, pencil, charcoal, mixed media, encaustic — no furniture, photography, computer art or textile art. Sculpture: metal, wood, glass, clay, stone and mixed media.
  3. Size of Faces and Places artwork submitted – including frame. The minimum size is 8″x10″. The largest can be a total of 2300 square inches (e.g. 48″x48″ or 23″x100″). Please be advised that we take into consideration the presentation of the entire show and are working with a set amount of wall space. Submitting three very large pieces will most likely mean that not all three will be accepted.
    Size of Sculpture – Floor sculptures must be minimum 48″, maximum 84″ height; diameter maximum 32″. Sculptures on plinths: maximum 48″ height; to stand on plinths 12″ x 12″ or 24″ x 24″. There is more information here.
  4. All work must be original. No copies from other artists or from published material, including stock photography, no supervised work, no reproductions or prints, will be allowed. All artwork and reference material, including photographs, must be the original work of the artist and may be requested by jurors.
  5. No repeat entries to Paint Ontario. An original work shown in other shows is allowed. Works received, after acceptance, that were submitted as a digital image must match the image (meet the expectations and standards for the show).
  6. All work must be for sale. The minimum for Faces and Place artwork is $200 and the maximum price for a painting is $4,500. Sculptures must be priced between $200 and $7500.
    Your painting or sculpture may not be accepted based on price point related to size or saleability.
  7. The Artwork’s Price. The price you enter on the entry form must include the commission payable to Paint Ontario(35%) and any HST that you, the artist, must pay from the amount we pay you after we have taken the commission payable to Paint Ontario.
  8. To be accepted, all work must be ready to hang.
    This means framed, unless the work is designed to hang unframed. If the latter, the sides must be painted for a tailored, finished look. The piece must be properly wired.
  9. By signing the Entry Form and Exhibit Labels:
    With respect to the attached image and any submitted artwork for the Paint Ontario competition, I hereby represent that I am the owner of the artwork. I hereby grant to Paint Ontario & the Grand Bend Art Centre, their designees, affiliates and licensees the following worldwide, irrevocable rights:
    To use and re-use, publish and re-publish an image of the artwork, in whole or in part, individually or in conjunction with printed matter, or in composite form, and in any medium, for editorial, commercial, promotional, and/or trade purposes in connection with the Paint Ontario competition.
    I hereby waive any right to inspect or approve any copy that is used in connection with the competition. Paint Ontario hereby agrees that any proceeds derived from the sale, publication or use of the artwork(s) shall become the property of Paint Ontario and the Grand Bend Art Centre.
  10. Entering this competition automatically constitutes your acceptance of all published rules and these terms and conditions. Further; Paint Ontario and the Lambton Heritage Museum shall not be responsible for loss of or damage to any artwork, no matter what the cause.
  11. Fees and Commissions: 
    1. The entry fee for entering online is $25 and includes the first work entered. The second and third pieces are $10 each.
      Fees are non-refundable.
      Not entering online is more expensive. The cost for not entering online will be provided when we are contacted.
    2. A sales commission of 35% is payable to Paint Ontario. See 7 above.
  12. The Places of Ontario Category
      1. The majority of the paintings are submitted in this category. Entries default to this category. If submitting a Faces of Ontario portrait see 13. If Sculpture see 14.
      2. Animal paintings done in a Portrait style without an Ontario setting or context will not be accepted.
  13. The Faces of Ontario Category
      1. Entry to this category must be by digital image upload and paid for online.
      2. You must select this category when entering online or it defaults to the Places of Ontario category. To enter this category choose it when completing the online entry form for each artwork entered.
      3. You must have the permission of the person you have painted. Please do not submit your work unless you have confirmed this and can demonstrate it to us if asked.
  14. The Sculpture Category
      1. After you enter the details of your artwork you must select the 3rd option “Do you want this artwork considered for the Sculpture awards.” Entries without this ticked will default to the painting category “Places”.
      2. Entry to this category must be by digital image upload and paid online. Do not choose one of the options to take your sculpture to the museum. If you enter without image upload and payment you will be asked to re-enter.