x2017 On-line Entry with Digital Images

Entry is closed

Please read the entry rules and this page before using the Online Entry button below.

  • You can enter up to three works for on-line jurying.
  • High resolution images must be from professional quality photographs.
    • Specifications: Use a 5 megapixel or higher camera. Fill the frame leaving a very small border. Use an image editor to crop off the border. Your image should be a minimum of 800px at 72dpi on its longest side. Save the file in its original size using the Name the file instructions below.
    • Unsure? If you need assistance Use the online entry contact form.
  • Name the digital file:   start with the artist’s last name, first name then the title of work, medium, framed dimensions and price. For example:
    • Rowlands Fran Daylight Acrylic 24×36 500.jpg
    • Important. Please ensure you have changed the file name on your computer before starting the online entry form. 
  • The entry fee is payable by debit card, credit card or PayPal. To pay using debit or credit card scroll down on the first PayPal page to the Pay by Debit or Credit Card button.
  • Last day for digital intake is Friday, February 17. This a week earlier than last year.

After your payment is processed you will receive 2 emails which you print and use when you bring your entries to the museum. The first email is Part 1 and the second is Part 2.
Part 2 – Exhibit Label, can be cut up and attached to the artwork. Please read the instructions in the email.

Physical and digital jurying is done simultaneously. You will receive an e-mail by Sunday, February 26 if your work has been accepted into the show. Accepted work must be delivered to the Museum by 4 p.m. Friday March 3rd. For each accepted work, bring the email with the subject Part 1 – Entry Form, and make sure the emailed Part 2 – Exhibit Label, is attached securely to the back of your artwork. If you don’t use the emailed labels you must complete, by hand, the entry form Part 2 Exhibit Labels for each artwork. You must print email Part 1 – Entry Label and bring it to the museum with your artwork.

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